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3 thoughts on “Michael Hagedorn Interview: Part 1

  1. Nicely done. Well structured questions and Michael provided concise replies. Could he be drawn out a bit on “The bonsai community in North America is coalescing, and that is very positive.”

  2. Too often we think of bonsai as a set of rules that when followed result in good bonsai, but this is in fact only the barest of essentials to start with. Much the same way that learning the hoticuture of trees is also a starting point. We as americans must learn this and then and only then can we start to create bonsai that will in fact be art.

  3. I always enjoy Michael’s thoughtful perspectives. What sets MH apart from other American bonsai artists is his insight and understanding of bonsai’s place in culture, tradition, and art.
    Michael has an ability to share the spiritual aspect of bonsai and its impact upon us. He has a sense of how bonsai tradition can assist our learning and in finding our future with bonsai.
    He is an artist, a philosopher, a writer, and teacher.
    When I read his writings or work with Michael, I learn about trees, I learn about life, and I learn about myself.
    I look forward to part two of your interview.

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