Artofbonsai Nursery Stock Bonsai Gallery 4/6/09

valavanis_cotoneaster_horizontalisSinuous root style Rockspray Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster horizontalis) in splendid fall color, by Bill Valavanis of International Bonsai.

When I first started playing with bonsai almost thirty years ago, nurseries were bonsai stock gold mines. Now, because bonsai enthusiasts have caught on, old forgotten potential bonsai are a little harder to to find. But don’t lose heart, they are still there. You just have to look a little harder.

Bill Valavanis’ sweet sinuous root Cotoneaster (above) is one of many bonsai from nursery stock currently feature on  Some other well-known featured artists are: Walter Pall, Morten Albek (author of Shohin Bonsai), Budi Sulistyo (Tropical Bonsai Gallery) and Robert Steven (Vision of My Soul).