Contest #5: Mystery Bonsai 7/20/09


It’s a mystery to me
Though I can tell you where I found this tree (not yet though), and I do know the species, I genuinely don’t know who the artist is (he/she doesn’t seem to be listed on the site). So maybe you can help me, and win a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Stone Lantern in the process.

Be the first to correctly answer all four of these questions and you’ll be declared the winner
1. the name of the artist
2. the species and sub-species (if applicable) of the tree
3. the height of the tree, including the pot
4. where the tree can be found on the web
I would also appreciate the approximate age of the tree, if you know it.

Thanks. I look forward to your answers.

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12 thoughts on “Contest #5: Mystery Bonsai

  1. That’s a difficult one :) Since this image was captured from other places (as well as all the others on the website). I couldn’t find the artist who made it, and I think it’ll be really difficult, unless the person knows this artist.

    All I could figure out was that the picture was taken with a Olympus Digital Camera, C765UZ model… and the answers below…

    1 –
    2 – Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii), looks like a corticosa sub-species
    3 – I’m taking a guess that it’s around 10 or 15cm tall
    4 – American Shohin-Bonsai Association (

    I’d say it’s about 10 years, since the black pine is a species with slow growth…

  2. Vinicius,
    So far Mr. Second Place is in first place (yours is the only answer so far). At the risk of biting on an obvious joke, can you say more about the Olympus C76UZ?

  3. There’s no obvious joke :) It’s just an old digital camera, 3.9Megapixels and a 1/2.5” CCD sensor. With 10x optical zoom it was released in 2004, and back then that was a lot for such a small camera, but nowadays it’s not so great… Also I’ve never liked small cameras that aren’t produced by Sony, all other don’t have a collor fidelity that I think apropriated. For example the Samsung ones, they tend to make the picture “blue”…

    Well, I hope no one else finds more answers than I :D

  4. EXIF data, that was preserved on the image… Just save it on your computer and open it on Photoshop… When you look into the file info it’ll show you all kind of data, the camera type, the day the picture was taken, if the person used flash or not, and so on… It’s really helpfull to find out if the picture was edited in Photoshop or any other program…
    There are other programs that lets you take a look at the exif data, if you post a picture on FlickR, you can choose to show the exif data or not. :)

  5. Good stuff. For your efforts, I hope you win the contest. In fact, I’ll put a deadline on to see if that helps.

  6. It looks to me like it could be Mexican Weeping Pine, I would also think that the is is Shohin, so I’m going to guess $ inch wide Tokoname clay and the tree is about 8 inches tall, 25 years old with that type of ramification and it was styled by… I don’t know

  7. Yes! You will no longer be referred to as ‘Mr Second Place.’ Congrats. Corey will get in touch about your prize.

  8. Wayne. You are correct as far as it goes. However, Vinicius beat you to it. He too was correct as far as it goes. Thanks though. It’s always good to hear from people. Stay in touch for our next contest.

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