Masters’ Gallery: Ginkgo Biloba 10/24/09


This remarkable broom style Ginkgo is from Classic Bonsai of Japan (Nippon Bonsai Association). 50 years old, 33 inches (82cm).

Not all that common
Ginkgo bonsai are not all that common. This may be because of the problems that the branching presents. Can you think of another type of tree (that is used for bonsai) whose branches just grow up? Let alone all tightly bunched together.

A couple more; this time from the West
You may not consider these next two Ginkgos to be masterpieces, but I think they both have qualities that set them apart.


This one (from The Ginkgo Pages) looks a bit more like a conventional bonsai. The artist’s name is not listed.

GINKGOtreeamigosThis gnarly fellow also appears in The Ginkgo Pages. It originally comes from Tree Amigos under Noj (The Ginkgo Pages mistakenly attributes it to Paul).

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7 thoughts on “Masters’ Gallery: Ginkgo Biloba

  1. I’m not a big fan of Ginkgo though I can appreciate the first of the three trees.

  2. Yeah. Ginkgos are a little strange for bonsai, though I agree about the first one. It’s pretty luminous (high quality photos never hurt).

  3. I agree, Ginko’s make some odd looking bonsai, for me it is the leaves that throw it off. I do like the bare ginko up top, personally I would thin the branches some.

  4. Yeah. The clumped together branches almost remind me of a bundle of twigs for my wood stove. Definitely a strange effect, but I don’t dislike it. If you look closely you can see one larger branch, almost like a trunk, in the center.

  5. I just looked at it some more. I tried to relax my gaze, and the more I looked the more I like it. There’s something fluid and mesmerizing about the way the branches reach up together. Lots of movement, almost of like flames. (And don’t snicker… I gave up illegal mind altering stuff almost 40 years ago).

  6. It does give it a unique look, it’s not terrible, but I would have a wider canopy…I think I am just more attracted to a bonsai with wide spreading branches

  7. Yeah. Ginkgos are in a group all their own. I think you have to look at them a little differently.

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