Backyard Bonsai #5: Wunderbare Gartenkunst 1/6/10


This shot provides a glimpse of one small corner of of Michael Veith’s magical world. His living-in-art approach, is a great way to integrate bonsai, gardening and much of the rest of what makes life interesting.

The iceburg’s tip
The photos here represent only a small piece of what you’ll find at Michael Veith’s world of bonsai, gardens and art.


This shot from a little farther away, places some bonsai in a larger context.


Bonsai can stand on its own too. This powerful Zelkova in full leaf is a picture of a lush vitality.


Bonsai and Japanese style gardening are a natural fit. And though there are no bonsai in this shot, you can see where the sensibilities meet.


The artist at work on a large in-ground ‘garden bonsai.’

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2 thoughts on “Backyard Bonsai #5: Wunderbare Gartenkunst

  1. I have a very small space for my bonsai, It could be soo delightful. I have been in bonsai only 10 years and seems that has been enough time for me to have some enlightenment. This spring my intentions are to groom the setting to something as special as Michael’ magical world.

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