You Be the Judge (& We’ll Grease Your Palm) 2/3/10


Judge our $100 Unique Bonsai Contest and receive a $5.00 gift certificate
Become a bonsai judge and receive a $5.00 gift certificate to Stone Lantern.

The basics
The 11 bonsai below (placed roughly in the order we received them) have been entered in our $100 Unique Bonsai Contest. The winner will be determined when 25 judges have sent in their decisions, or by March 31st (whichever comes first). Anyone can judge (see below if you entered a bonsai in the contest), but only one time per person.

The details
1. Review the contest rules. Ignore what I said at that time about the judging.

2. Take a close look at the 11 bonsai below. Each one will be assigned a letter from the alphabet (A-K)

3. Assign your first choice 5 points, second choice 3 points and 3rd choice 1 point.

4. Email your ratings to me: (with ‘you be the judge’ in the subject line). Put the tree’s letter first followed by the number of points you assign. It should look like this: R-5, M-3, Z-1

Can you judge if you entered the contest?
Yes, if you want. However, you can’t assign 5 point to your own tree. You must assign 5 points to a tree that is not yours. You can assign your own tree 3, 1, or zero points.

Only one family or friend please
Please ask a maximum of only one family or friend to judge if you have entered a tree. A stuffed ballot box could mess the whole contest up. This will have to be on the honor system, but that shouldn’t be a problem as all of our contestants are, no doubt, honorable people.

What about critiques?
You don’t have to write any explanations (critiques) about your choices, but you can if you want to.

The contest entrants:
Send you selections to

A Unique1

Bonsai A (above)

B UniqueRomanoBonsai B (above)

C Unique2jun2Bonsai C (above)

D UniqueRandallBonsai D (above)

E UniqueMattBonsai E (above)

F NorburypunicaBonsai F (above)

F uniquewarner1Bonsai G (above)

G Photo-227Bonsai H (above)

H contestBonsai I (above)

I flowering-serissa-for-contest-at-stone-lantern-0102Bonsai J (above)

K IMG_2453.JPGBonsai K (above)

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5 thoughts on “You Be the Judge (& We’ll Grease Your Palm)

  1. Hi Mr. Schoech,

    The “Judge Judy” picture is hilarious! That made my day :-) Hope you are doing well.


  2. Thanks Jon. Yeah, I’m still chuckling. We’ve got my son Joseph to thank for putting it together.

  3. Thanks John De., but I can’t post your comment because the judging is secret. I did however add your votes in, so it’s done.

  4. I do like #J. I like the way the cascade swirls down and the flowers help.

    My second is: E Looks like it was well planned out and the porportions are done well.

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