Web Pirating vs Attribution 2/26/10

It’s happening to us
Someone has been pirating all our posts without attribution to bonsaibark or Stone Lantern. I won’t mention their name (yet) because I don’t want to alert them and am hoping that they post this.

And it could happen to you
We are noticing more and more material posted without attribution. Especially, but not exclusively, on facebook. This is corruption, whether it’s innocent (come on!) or intentional. If you see someone doing it, please remind them to attribute. It’s easy and it’s the honorable thing to do.

A simple difference
It is a widely accepted practice to borrow material from other websites and blogs as long as you attribute the source and link to them. We do it all the time and other people use our material in the same way. No problem.

Please let us know
Please let us know if you see posts of our material without attribution. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Web Pirating vs Attribution

  1. Hi Wayne,

    They’re too lazy to create their own blog so they take yours. Their daily ad revenue is less than $2.50 but it’s like free money to them since they’re not doing the work.

    I hope I’m talking about the right site, they have another article on now to mask yours.



  2. Yeah. I just checked them out and they are still at it. They even copied my comments about pirates, and, to my surprise, left a live link to Stone Lantern.

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