Some Noelanders Mysteries Solved 3/21/10

NoelandersTrophyVII161Another great unidentified tree from the Noelanders Trophy VII No NameBonsai Gallery (see yesterday’s post) that is featured on bonsai4me. I love the way this tree’s wild essence has been left intact, just the way Mother Nature intended. This comes through loud and clear in the deadwood that speaks of great age and looks so perfectly natural; as though the artist never touched it.

Mysteries solved
Thanks to our friend Ferry Freriks (you might remember Ferry as the winner of our $100 Unique Bonsai Contest), many of the mysteries in yesterday’s No Name Bonsai Gallery have met the light of day. In Ferrry’s own words:
“Thanks for posting a fine selection of some of the best trees in Europe! Anyhow, I’d like to add some more info: the first tree (an Itoigawa juniper) is from the skilled hands of Carlos van der Vaart: probably the best Dutch bonsai artist around. You can find more info about this tree and his other (near  Kokufu-quality!) trees here: As you can see the tree started out as pretty mundane semi-raw material. But with the help of some skillful carving and styling and a fine quality pot by Peter Krebs ( it ended up as an excellent chuhin size tree.

The second tree is a well-known Japanese yew (taxus cuspidata). Formerly owned and styled by Marco Invernizzi and Steve Tolley, but now property of Mauro Stemberger, the chairman of the Italian Bonsai Union (UBI), who refined the tree with a distinctive Italian touch (

The third tree is a Korean hornbeam (caprinus turczaninowii) by either Marc Noelanders or Danny Use, the slanting juniper on the artificial (epoxy-made) pot is form Josef Valuch, a bonsai pot maker at Isabelia from the Czech Republic; the modest mugo is owned by David Hannah from the UK (here’s a pic with a more appropriate scroll:

Only the last tree, the shohin, is quite a mystery to me as well. I guess it was part of a bigger shohin composition from a British artist. Perhaps Duncan Hield, Susan Summers or Caroline Scott, but I’m not quite sure.

Anyway, I hope this helps!

Kind regards from the Netherlands,


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2 thoughts on “Some Noelanders Mysteries Solved

  1. amazing what ferry can do in less time!! all the info!! about the juniper the “powerful juniper that looks like it’s reclining on a rock” hope you post something about it also looks good…..

  2. Yeah. I was pretty amazed at how fast Ferry came up with all that info. Guess he’s got his finger on the pulse of European bonsai.

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