Kokufu Bonsai-Ten: Still the Best 3/26/10

Kokufu842010iiKokufu Prize, 2010: Informal upright style Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergi). Borrowed from Phoenix Bonsai.

Delusional state?
To be sure, people from around the world are growing and displaying some wonderful, eye-popping bonsai. Still, from where I sit, and in spite of rumors to the contrary, it’s hats off to the Japanese when it comes to world class bonsai. If you don’t believe me, check out any Kokufu exhibit. If you still don’t believe me, then there’s nothing I can do for you. You’ll simply have to suffer in your delusional state. Or maybe visit your opthamologist (disclaimer: there’s nothing personal intended, just amusing myself).

Phoenix Bonsai
Phoenix Bonsai has one of the very best bonsai sites around. Somebody has been putting a lot of energy into it for a long time, and it shows. Check it out.

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5 thoughts on “Kokufu Bonsai-Ten: Still the Best

  1. I live in El Salvador i donĀ“t speak english but I say cogratulations it is a very very nice litle tree.
    I like the black pine.

  2. Wayne, you are right that somebody has put a lot of work into the Phoenix Bonsai Society website and for a long time. That somebody is our webmaster, Robert J. Baran. He has a passion for history in general and bonsai history in particular and he has built a great bonsai website over the years. Thanks for calling attention to it.

  3. Hi Max,
    You are welcome and it’s my pleasure. I couldn’t agree more, it’s a great website. Thanks for the info and hats off to Robert.

  4. Especially since Robert has moved to Colorado!
    Mr. Baran is the the foremost archivist of bonsai history and lore in the English language. (Probably in any language, but I cannot speak with authority on this point.)

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