Developing Ramification on Deciduous Bonsai: 3 6/8/10


The third and final set of illustrations in the series (first set, second set). This one deals primarily with shaping with wire after the pinching and pruning has been completed. I suspect that where it say RESTRAINING NEW SHOOTS (top left corner), it should say TRAINING NEW SHOOTS. From Bonsai Today issue 66.

Training new shoots
The final step in our series is on training the new shoots. Notice how it is suggested that you do it sooner rather than later after the shoots have started to harden. Shaping with wire is almost always the best way, though sometimes just pruning is enough. Once the shoots have been shaped, you need to continue pinching and pruning to keep them under control.


This calendar is probably for around Tokyo. You’ll need to adjust for the climate where you live. To give some idea of how much difference there can be; here in northern Vermont, trees usually don’t leaf out until around mid-May (it has been getting a little earlier lately, especially this year).

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  1. I just want to say I appreciate these type of articles. These will really help me to do things correctly as I learn more about this art. I am pretty new to Bonsai and new to this site, I have not yet found a list of subjects to read about. I have just been reading an article and then looking at the links that you list in green to figure out what to read next. I hope there is a better method to following a process. It may already be in place but I have not found it yet.
    Thank you for all this wonderful information

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