Juniper: Before and After 7/3/10


After: By Michael Hagedorn, Crataegus Bonsai. Michael says the container is approx 30 gallons. This should give you some idea of the scale (it’s bigger than it looks). Michael says it’s a Juniper procumbens, but it looks a lot like a J. procumbens ‘nana’ to me (that’s the dwarf cultivar), especially in the photo below. What’s surprising about this is, that if it is a ‘nana’ it’s a monster, with a trunk whose thickness defies the normal limits of the variety.

The most over-used tree in North America
Juniper procumbens ‘nana’ is ubiquitous in the North American bonsai scene. Especially the bottom end that you see in malls around the Holidays. So ubiquitous, that many bonsai mavens disdain them (see out upcoming interview with Colin Lewis). But, ubiquitously over-used or not, this one is the real deal. So far from what you typically see, that it might as well be from another planet.


Befor: If this isn’t a procumbens ‘nana’ I’ll eat my root hook.

Who is Michael Hagedorn and when does our tool sale (35% to 45% off) end?
Michael Hagedorn is one of North America’s preeminent bonsai artists and teachers and the author of Post Dated. You can find him at Crataegus Bonsai. Our tool sale will end Monday morning July 5th, around 9am Eastern Daylight time.