Bonsai With Rebar by David Benavente 7/21/10


Some serious sh-t stuff! Take a look at the before photo below to get a hit of what you can do with a piece of rebar, some nerve, and more than a little skill. All the photos in this post are of bonsai by David Benavente.

benbefore4Before rebar.

benafter1Full cascade Scot’s pine by David Benavente. You can provide the adjectives. Check out David’s site for the before photos (for this tree and two below) and some other before and after bonsai.

benafter2A wild looking Wild olive.

benafter3Savin juniper.

For more of David Benavente bonsai, visit his website.

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8 thoughts on “Bonsai With Rebar by David Benavente

  1. This approach is just outstanding. I have seen a few demos using this technique butttt would love to have some hands on experience–anyone want to come visit my studio and give me some direct guidance on this approach??!!!

  2. What is a “long shank Ninja router bit” and where can one find one? Interesting stuff!

  3. Mac,
    I don’t know that much about router bits, but my guess is the reference is to any long shanked router bit.

  4. Thanks Ken. It’s helpful, though it would have been good to see some close-ups. You really can’t see the details of how he worked the wood in order to be able to bend it, or the bending itself.

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