Coming Soon! Calendar of Bonsai Events 8/13/10

Promoting the art of bonsai
Bonsai Bark exists for at least two purposes. 1. To promote the art of bonsai, and 2. to bring people to Stone Lantern. In keeping with number 1, we are going start offering a regular calendar of bonsai events. At this point, I am not sure how often (maybe bi-weekly or even weekly), or exactly what will be included (we may treat non-profit organization differently than for profit businesses). In any case, if you want to promote your event, email me (put bonsai calendar in the subject line) or include it in the comments below, and, chances are, we will publicize it for you. FYI: Bonsai Bark averages about 16,000 visits per month (about 5,000 unique).


A piece of an 1871 Hindu calendar. Borrowed from Wikipedia.

Help us find your event(s)
We will actively seek out events by scouring the web. However, this does not assure that we will find your event(s). So help us out. Send us links. Again, you can email me (put bonsai calendar in the subject line) or you can include your link (with comments if you’d like) in the comments section of any Bonsai Bark posting.