Robert Steven World Famous Bonsai Artist, Teacher & Author Will Critique Your Tree For Free 9/6/10


Robert Steven at work.

A very easy decision
I just received an email from Robert Steven suggesting that we offer his critiques of your trees on Bonsai Bark. Needless to say, I hesitated about 1/10th of second (maybe less) in accepting his offer.

About Robert
Robert Steven is one of the most innovative and prolific bonsai artists in the world. Robert possesses enough vision, daring, imagination and masterful control of technique to fuel dozens of us more ordinary bonsai lovers. If you don’t believe me (overstatement is not unknown around these parts) check out his books: Vision of My Soul, and Mission of Transformation.

Here’s what you do
Send us photos ( of the tree or trees that you want critiqued. Though one simple front view photo will suffice, it might be helpful to send back and side shots as well. Try to make the photo as clear as possible and try to minimize clutter. 500 pixels (or larger) jpegs are best, though other formats will be accepted.

No guarantees
We cannot say for sure that your tree will be chosen to critique, but no harm trying. Send your offerings to We look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

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6 thoughts on “Robert Steven World Famous Bonsai Artist, Teacher & Author Will Critique Your Tree For Free

  1. I am interested but I have trees that are unusual or just pre bonsai, I have practiced for only ten years so my question, would he give direction for a tree?

  2. Hi Donna,
    I don’t know. If I think a tree is suitable for a critique, then I send it to him and he makes the final decision. You could send me one and I’ll take a look.

  3. I find that another artists critique is always valuable, even if I don’t agree with them on their thoughts for that tree. It makes me look at the tree in a different way. The least valuable critique is the one that agrees with everything you have done. Nothing is learned.

  4. Thanks Zack. Agreed. And BTW: you don’t have to worry about Robert. Check out his first one (I’ll be up in a few minutes).

  5. My critique and recommended solution might not always fit your taste because there is always personal preference and option in designing bonsai. But I always try to give my opinion based on artistic principles and horticultural convincing approach.
    To understand better my concept, please read my books “Vision of My Soul” and “Mission of Transformation” which are available at Stone Lantern.

    You can also visit my bonsai blog :

  6. Few important things when sending pictures for the critique :

    – A “finished” bonsai, not a bonsai material.
    – Proper angles (especially the front side).
    – Plain background.
    – The picture size should be at least 8 inch width with resolution of 72 or 300 dpi.

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