What’s with Taiwan? Lo Min Hsuan (& Friends) 12/26/10

lo, min-hsuan

A little change of pace. The tree on the right (Elaeagnus Pungens) has the mark of Min. At least the Lo Min Hsuan many of us have come to know. The lilac Crape myrtle in full bloom provides a touch of wildness, freedom and color. From the 2008 Taiwan Bonsai Creators Exhibition.

Look out for Taiwan
A friend of mine who is a computer engineer and often works in Taiwan with Taiwanese engineers, says that they are poised to rule the world (okay, a little  exaggeration), that many of them, especially the younger ones, are brilliant, fearless and wildly creative in an unconventional kind of way.***

Bonsai too
Though the Taiwanese aren’t alone, a large dose of creative bonsai energy seems to be emanating from that unique island. And it’s not just Lo Min Hsuan and Cheng, Cheng-Kung, they have plenty of talented company. If you want some evidence, check out the 2008 Taiwan Bonsai Creators Exhibition. There are plenty of other examples of Taiwanese bonsai, but the photos in this one are particularly good (to which the three in this post readily attest).

ficushsieh, shun-chin

I’m running out of superlatives. How about ‘somewhere north of magnificent.’¬† My only question is; could the pot be a little bigger? By Hsieh, Shun-Chin.

prem-yang. chun-cheng

Powerful, unique and full of movement, though knowing our audience, I imagine some may feel that the foliage is overly groomed. Premna microphylla by Yang, Chun-Cheng.

*** some of the English names the younger engineers have given themselves: Zinc, Purple, Pedro, Comet… you get the drift.

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