Thinking Ahead to 2012: The Show & the Books 1/28/11

If you only go to one event every two years, this is the one. Don’t miss it.

It’s not far fetched…
… to think about an event this important seventeen months in advance. If you don’t, time slips by, your calendar fills up, and the next thing you know you’re kicking yourself for missing it.

Limited printings
After each Exhibition, Bill Valavanis puts out a world-class album. We still have some from 2008 and 2010 came in not long ago (purchase them both and save). However, if you want to have them all for your collection, don’t wait. A limited number of each was printed and as far as I know, there are no plans for reprints.

The 2008 Album. By the time the 2012 show rolls around, these may well be gone.

The 2010 Album. These just came in, but who knows how long they’ll last?