A Virtual Bunjin Challenge Winner 2/13/11

John Geanangel’s final rendition. Not only did John make some fairly radical changes, including a brand new pot (actually a rock serving as a pot), but he did it on youtube.

Thank you
Thank you to the twenty four of you who entered our Bunjin Contest. It’s always refreshing to know that someone is paying attention, especially when you are motivated enough to do something about it.

A tough act to follow
John Geanangel’s was the sixth entry and as soon as I saw it I figured the party was most likely over (sure enough that’s what our panel of distinguished judges thought too). This is not to say there weren’t some good ones, cause there were. Some were excellent. Still, they were all written¬† (which is more or less what I asked for and expected), while the winner journeyed out of box and came up with something new.

Virtual bonsai skills
John created a video (below) that he put up on youtube. It’s comprised of step-by-step dynamic images that show how he got from there to here, along with clear spoken explanations of his thinking. I enjoyed John’s bonsai skills (virtual at least), his digital skills, and his explanations. My hunch is that you’ll enjoy them too.


The original. It’s from Bonsai Today issue 31. Here for more on it and the contest.

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6 thoughts on “A Virtual Bunjin Challenge Winner

  1. I’m not sure I understand the format. Does this tree belong to him or did he take it from a picture and using virtual tecnics make the changes? Love to know more about it.

  2. Hi Lance,
    We posted the photo of the tree a while back as part of a contest . The photo came from Bonsai Today issue 31.

  3. Thank you Wayne…I am honored! If only shaping real trees were this easy:)

    Yes, Lance,this was purely a virtual styling done with Photoshop Elements. The video was created with a screen-capture tool called Jing. In all honesty, its doubtful that everything I did to this tree would be possible to do on the actual tree…but it was fun.


  4. You are welcome John and thank for your little piece of bonsai art and instruction. It’s easy to follow and fun to watch. And thanks also for the info on the software.

  5. It’s an interesting simulation of one’s tree. Nice workshop. At the we can just style the tree physically but its real physiological charm and life lies only on its ability to grow and commune with nature!

  6. Thanks Joe,
    Yeah, the whole virtual art approach isn’t exactly bonsai, but can be a useful tool.

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