Wire Cutters: A Little Tip from Graham 2/20/11

Graham Potter of Kaizen Bonsai holds up his stainless wire cutters so you can get a good look. From one of Graham’s excellent bonsai instruction videos.

No more twisting
I always thought bonsai wire cutters were shaped the way the are (with stubby blades) so that the tip of the blade doesn’t damage the bark when you remove wire. I still think this is true. However, Graham Potter says that it’s designed this way so the wire doesn’t twist when you cut it. This is news to me, but as I reflect on it, I think it makes sense. Anyone else?

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3 thoughts on “Wire Cutters: A Little Tip from Graham

  1. I don’t get it. All my other edge to edge wire cutters for other purposes don’t twist the wire.

  2. I think when the wire is thick, the tips of less blunt cutters might cause some twisting.

  3. The reason the blades are so stubby is because long blades flex making cutting the wire more difficult. Short stubby blades flex less and offer more direct pressure in,a smaller area making more efficient cuts with more leverage.

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