World’s Smallest Bonsai? 4/29/11

Micro tree. Is this a Japanese maple? It’s from a facebook posting by Bonsai Guest House.

Usually, when something is billed as the world’s smallest (see below) or largest, or..?,  it moves into that surreal novelty realm. Would you say these tiny bonsai qualify? I’m not so sure. There’s an art to doing this and to keeping the tiny trees healthy. Still…..

A place to stay
The photos in this post are from Bonsai Guest House in Osaka. I know almost nothing about the place, but you might want to check it out on your next Japan junket.

$1,000 Bonsai from Scratch Contest idea
You could do this for our $1,000 Bonsai from Scratch Contest. Think small and win (well, no guarantees). Small bonsai (Shohin Bonsai) is a pretty good idea if you are at a loss for what to do.

With flowers no less. It’s from the same facebook posting by Bonsai Guest House.

From this, it looks like Mr Mitsuo was trying to create the ‘world’s smallest bonsai.’ Definitely the novelty approach.

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17 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Bonsai?

  1. Hi Wayne
    I love these wonderfull (mame) and I want to know where I can buy some little pots for these beauties..bonsaï thank you in advance
    p.s. congradulation for your nice web site with all these informations

  2. Thanks Suzanne,
    I’m not sure who is offering such small pots these days. I just googled ‘mini bonsai pots’. Saw some around 2 or 3 inches, but nothing really tiny.

  3. Suzanne and Wayne, I’ve seen miniature pots of this type infrequently on eBay and, again, infrequently being sold by in Conyers, GA. Mary

  4. Thanks Mary,
    I didn’t think of bonsai monk, though I know they carry a large selection of pots.

  5. We can get it in China, but those small pots are much m ore expensive than the big one because they are hand-made,,but very nice with engraving ornament or painting.

  6. Hi Wayne-
    I saw some very tiny pots at the last Shohin convention that Jim Barret did.
    Maybe not quite as small as the ones in the pictures above, but close.

    Randy Davis
    Blaine Minnesota

  7. Thanks Robert,
    Maybe you can stick a few in our next ocean shipment. Just a thought.

  8. Wayne, if I need a pot for a tree I send a series of photos to Vic Harris of Erin bonsai and he makes the pot to suit the tree. He has done a couple for me about 1″ in diameter, I intend to try him on some even smaller and I’m sure he will oblige. An excellent chap and very easy to deal with. The pots are brilliant. Regards Greg Hume.

  9. Hello! I recently started making micro mini bonsai pots. It came as a happy accident and now I am addicted to making them. I hand torch them out of glass. The ones I’ve made so far are about 1/2″ to 5/8″ tall and have a drainage hole so no need to drill. I might try to make little tiny trays for them too.

  10. Hey, all! I know this post is a couple years old but I just accidentally came across it and if anyone is still interested I got into the world of creating these tiny bonsai and I could not find a consistent pot supply so a couple years ago I started making my own from high quality stoneware and I do still make them and will make them for anyone interested. Custom and stock manufacturing. All pots are hand sculpted and I fire with electric and gas kilns. I can be contacted at

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