Flowering Bonsai, Fleeting Bliss 5/28/11

Satsuki azalea displaying a perfect blend of white with a touch of pink and soft green. The flowers dominate right now, but it’s no accident that the color of the pot enhances the not-so-shabby trunk and nebari. An earlier shot of the same tree appears below.

Mis Arboles by Andres Alvarez Iglesias
The first three photos in this post are part of a photo album by Andres Alvarez Iglesias that appears on facebook. The title of the photo album is ‘Mis Arboles’ (my trees). The forth photo appears on Andres’ website.

All too fleeting
It’s flower time here in northern Vermont. Azaleas, Rhodies, Lilacs, tulips, early lillies, crabapples, you name it, it’s either busy flowering, getting ready to flower, or just finished flowering. It’s a blissful time, but touched with sadness…. here today, gone tomorrow and before you know it, snow. And then there’s the real big picture…


Another azalea showing off. It’s hard to tell the exact size of the tree, but judging by the flowers, I’d say it’s a shohin bonsai.

The fleeting flowers are gone. With a little luck (and diligence) the birds will spare the fruit. Looks like shohin crabapple.


Here’s the same tree that’s at the top of the post. A little earlier in the season, before the flowers completely take over. This one is from Andres’ website.

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