High Energy Bonsai 8/14/11

Premna serratifolia (Wahong) by Robert Steven. Two years in training. All the photos in this post are from Robert’s ‘My Studio’ on facebook. If you don’t do facebook, you can visit Robert’s blog (though it’s not very up-to-date), or you can just peruse Bonsai Bark for a large range of posts on Robert’s bonsai.

Mr. High Energy Bonsai
I’ve been watching the bonsai scene for close to thirty years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more prolific bonsai artist than Robert Steven. Prolific at a very high level at that. Or, for that matter, prolific at any level. I wonder if he ever sleeps.

Another Wahong (Premna serratifolia by Robert.


Another Premna. The leaves look a little different on this one. Could it be another Premna species?

Mr. High Energy Bonsai at work.

Robert’s bonsai tools
Stone Lantern is the North American distributor for Robert’s enormously popular Bonsai Aesthetics tools and wire.

Robert’s bonsai books
The same goes for both of Robert’s bonsai books: Vision of My Soul and Mission of Transformation.


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6 thoughts on “High Energy Bonsai

  1. That’s true as a matter of fact i have 4 nice ones myself but it’s getting harder to find them very big because it is illegal to collect them any longer.

  2. Yeah. I think it has been illegal to collect buttonwoods for a long time. I imagine some people still sneak out and dig them however. Though I haven’t heard anything one way or the other for several years.

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures Wayne, although these are still on the process to reduce the leaves size by refining the ramification structure. They are all the same species, Premna serratifolia.

    Pemphis is now illegal to collect in Indonesia and Philippines as well…

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