Redwood Bonsai at the REBS 9/19/11

Coast Redwood at the Redwood Empire Bonsai Society 28th Annual Show. Photo is by Jonas Dupuich, Bonsai Tonight.

Stupendously magnificent
Two of the most fascinating trees in the world are the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and it’s mountain dwelling cousin the Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum). Both are fascinating for the same reason; their stupendously magnificent size. The coast redwood is the tallest tree in the world and the Giant Sequoia is the largest tree in the world. However, the Coast redwood is also very, very large and the Giant sequoia is also very, very tall.

Redwood bonsai
So far, the only Sequoia bonsai I’ve seen have been Coast redwoods. No Giant sequoia (maybe you have one or knows someone who does?). For years, the Redwood bonsai that I did see were still pretty primitive (as bonsai go). Lately, I’ve been seeing more developed Redwoods, including the ones in this post. All are from the 2011 Redwood Empire Bonsai Show (courtesy of Jonas at Bonsai Tonight).

Artists unknown
Jonas didn’t list the artist on the trees shown here and I wasn’t there, so, for now at least, the artists will remain anonymous.

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12 thoughts on “Redwood Bonsai at the REBS

  1. Hi – George Yamaguchi has a very famous bonsai nursery in Southern California you may have heard of by its reputation. Before his passing, John Naka the famous Bonsa artist was involved with Mr. Yamaguchi and his nursery because he lived in the same neighborhood. George has quite an extensive collection of Coast Redwood bonsi that you might enjoy. His nursery is located at:
    1905 Sawtelle Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    (310) 473-5444

  2. I expect that Sequoiadendron gigantea are not seen in bonsai because it’s hard to find stunted trees suitable for yamadori. Even if one could, chances are even smaller that you’d find one somewhere it’s legal to collect it.

  3. Thanks Laurel,
    Makes sense. What about nursery or home grown stock? Have you ever seen any?

  4. It has nothing to do about finding “stunted” trees. The Coastal Redwoods are trees that have been cut back and root pruned drastically but are vigorous enough to sprout new growth and roots,which can be developed into bonsai. The Giant Redwoods on the other hand, do not tolerate root and foliage pruning very well. The branches tend to die back after pinching. I’ve only seen a couple of Giant Redwoods as bonsai

  5. Thanks Bob,
    That’s helpful. And your trees are great. The first one does look like a lot like a yamadori which may be where Laurel got the stunted trees notion.

  6. I’ll go a step further and say they all look like they could be yamadori (collected trees). Bob, can you say something about their origins?

  7. My husband, Tobias Brekke, worked for Mr. Yamaguchi as a teenager and then again as a young man in between being on the road as a musician. He often speaks of him with the highest regard. Is Mr. Yamaguchi still alive? I would love to know and surprise my husband with a visit. Thank you to anyone who knows or can help me contact him. Sheree 805-748-9858

  8. Hi Sheree,
    Mr Yamaguichi senior, the founder is gone. I haven’t visited for a very long time (maybe the early 90s) so I’m not really up on what’s going on there now, but as far as I know, Mr Yamaguichi’s son George and other members of the family are carrying on the the excellent tradition of fine bonsai and other nursery material.

  9. Amazing and so emotionally great.
    Thank You from a guy who worked at Union Lumber Company

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