Mario & the Art of Bonsai 9/21/11

Bonsai calligraphy. Look familiar? We posted this wildly eccentric masterpiece right here on Bonsai Bark about a year ago. Maybe we’ll post it again next year. It belongs to Mario Komsta.

Mario Komsta
If you don’t know Mario’s bonsai, you’re in for a treat. If you do know Mario’s bonsai, you’re still in for a treat (exceptional bonsai bear repeated viewing). We’ve featured Mario’s trees several times now, and I suspect we’ll feature them again.

The Art of Bonsai Project
Without a doubt, the Art of Bonsai Project is one of the true quality bonsai spots on the web. Just like Mario’s bonsai, it bears repeated viewing. Here’s link to a feature on Mario.

Here’s one of Mario’s trees that also looks familiar. Have we featured it already (where’s Ferry when we need him?)? It’s called Snail. We found it this time on facebook.

One of Mario’s famous Hornbeams. This one appears on the Art of Bonsai Project. Here’s another one from an earlier Bark post.


Bunjin juniper by Mario. This one looks familiar too. I’m pretty sure it’s another Bark redundancy (it’s worth seeing again anyway). This iteration is from facebook.




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5 thoughts on “Mario & the Art of Bonsai

  1. Marios bonsai are of exquisite quality, and a feast to watch. His talent is on top of Europe, and
    then some.
    Morten Albek

    (NB: Sorry to say that the website Art of Bonsai Project is not what you say. It has been mistreated for at least a year or more, and almost nobody uses it any more. For some reason it is not closed down, but also not maintained any more. Just to inform that this former very good forum and website is no longer what it used to be. Sorry to say).

  2. Absolutely agree with Morten, and thanks he had said of what I wanted to say before reading to the comment.

    You guys know what I mean..hehe…

  3. Hi Morten,
    Yes. Mario’s bonsai are a delight.
    Too bad AofB Project isn’t maintained any more. I hope it doesn’t close down as it’s still a great resource for quality photos and interviews.

  4. Hi Robert,
    I assume you are referring to Morten’s comments about Mario rather than about AofB Project.

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