A Levitated Bonsai Platform 4/5/12

After. A twin trunk Mountain hemlock that was collected, styled and placed on a very thin piece of plastic by Michael Hagedorn and friends.

It’s been a while…
…since we featured Michael Hagedorn (Crataegus Bonsai). This is partly because lately we’ve been focusing more on international bonsai than North American bonsai; and partly because if we do too much Michael, you might suspect there are kickbacks involved (Michael is way too clean for that; as for me…).

Mountain hemlock on levitated nylon board
I won’t say too much about the nylon board or the steps that were necessary to cause it to levitate. What I will do is show you three photos to whet your appetite and provide links to Crataegus Bonsai so you can satisfy that appetite.


Before. Collected Mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana).


What’s this?

Post-Dated is still the most enjoyable bonsai book I’ve ever read.

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3 thoughts on “A Levitated Bonsai Platform

  1. I sometimes cannot wrap my head around how these artists see the beautiful bonsai amidst the mess. It’s fabulous and inspiring. TYVM for your daily series.

  2. Hi Michael again,
    I suspect a big reason why the best bonsai artists can spot the bonsai in the mess is experience. When you work with thousands of trees, your eye develops. Not to say that’s the only reason; native talent also plays its part.

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