Nick’s Bonsai & FREE ITEMS Last Day 5/23/12

I know many of you have already seen this somewhat unruly apple, but many of you haven’t. Either way, it’s a very distinctive bonsai, and it’s flowering no less! You can find it on the back cover of Nick Lenz’ landmark book on collecting, Bonsai from the Wild.

Larch master Lenz
It seems like high time to return to our old friend Larch Master Nick Lenz. Especially since we just received some new photos of some of Nick’s trees from Candy Shirey, who is now their proud owner. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured bonsai of Nick’s that now belong to Candy.

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This passionate Azalea originally belonged to Nick. Now it belongs to Candy Shirey. Whoops. I’m told that it still belongs to Nick. The photo however, was taken by Candy (see comments) .


Here’s another of Nick’s trees that belongs to Candy. It’s a Honeysuckle.


This fall color Nick Lenz larch belongs to the Montreal Botanic Gardens.

I don’t know where this photo comes from, but its highly creative, disturbing strangeness marks it as a Lenz.

Nick’s book is part of this remarkable set of five of our very best bonsai books. You can buy it this way and save a lot, or, you can buy it alone and save a fair amount.

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9 thoughts on “Nick’s Bonsai & FREE ITEMS Last Day

  1. I did the photography but I do not own the azalea. It is currently very happily living (and newly repotted) with it’s creator, Nick Lenz.

  2. Thanks Candy,
    My mistake. I plead ignorance, though I’ve heard tell that that’s a pretty weak excuse.
    And thanks for straightening us out on the name, though I think I prefer my passionate description.

  3. The honeysuckle is great. Where did that pot come from? I want one ; )

  4. Michael – The honeysuckle pot is one-of-a-kind made by the master himself, Nick Lenz.

  5. Sadly, the three tree larch island composition is a good example of how a once beautiful, nuance filled, well balanced composition can, without proper restraint and a masters touch, become awkward and disjointed.

  6. The pot of azalea is extremely beautiful the azalea is like a baby bird get out a egg (excuse my english) hope you understand my thought…
    Nick Lanz is so creative men, Robert Smith my husband meet him since many year at is home.

    Have a nice day and just to tell you our exhibition of our Society of bonsai and penjing of Quebec will be July 7 and 8 2012 hope to meet you if you come in Canada for you holiday we will be glad to do a visit of our nursery during the exhibition 450-883-1196

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