Putz Pines 8/15/12

The rugged and somewhat worn look of the pot mirrors the well-aged bark and overall rugged feel of this European black pine (Pinus nigra Austriaca). All the photos in this post are from Wolfgang Putz’ Bonsaigalerie (a click well worth making).

The time is ripe
This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the bonsai of Wolfgang Putz, but it’s the first time since our original backyard bonsai feature (way back in 2009) that we’ve dedicated a whole post to Wolfgang’s trees. So the time is ripe.

Yamadori pine

Based on what you can see here and other trees in his gallery, I’d say that Wolfgang is one of Europe’s first-rate wild bonsai (Yamadori) collectors; and though we’ve decided to feature some of his pines here, partly in appreciation for their rugged bark (this is Bonsai Bark after all) and for their overall rugged natural feel, they really make up only a fairly small portion of his collection (I hope none of you are English teachers).


Another excellent pot-tree match on this gnarly old literati European black pine.


It’s hard not to keep mentioning the pots when Wolfgang keeps choosing such good ones. Both the color and texture of this pot are spot on. The shape works too. The tree (a Mugo pine this time) ain’t so shabby either.


I like the way the stubby little trunk points one way and the rest of the tree goes the other way. It’s another European black pine.


We featured this large, award winning Mugo pine not too long ago.

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