Getting It Right This Time 11/21/12

Is it just me, or does this spectacular tree feel like it’s just barely clinging to the pot? My eye keeps returning the highest point on the right where the trunk and soil meet and questioning whether it will hold. I guess that tension is one of the many things that distinguishes this remarkable bonsai.

Getting things right the first time is better, but… Two days ago I posted some trees I found at Bonsai Center Sopelana and  titled the post ‘Bonsai from the Basque Country.’ Had I paid more attention I would have noticed that the trees are from the bonsai exhibit at the Museo Bonsai de Alcobendas in Madrid. Bonsai Center Sopelana is in Basque country, but that’s a poor excuse for getting things so wrong.

Here’s what Nuno Encarnação (the gentleman who so kindly pointed out my error) said in the post’s comments:
“These are all from the bonsai exhibit in Museo Bonsai de Alcobendas in Madrid. This exhibit is the most important bonsai exposition in Spain and one of the three main exhibits in Europe along with Noelanders trophy in Belgium and UBI in Italy.”

The Museum has also an amazing permanent exposition with some impressive Mediterranean species and imported Japanese trees, some of which were previously worked on by such masters as Kobayashi and Kimura. The beech shown in this post is from the permanent exhibit.”

Getting it right this time. The trees shown in this post are from the Museo Bonsai de Alcobendas in Madrid. The photos are all courtesy of Bonsai Center Sopelana.

Great nebari, great trunk, good branching and phenomenal color. It’s a Japanese maple. I won’t bother to guess the variety.


I think this is the third Hinoki cypress we’ve featured in the last week or so. Unfortunately, you can’t see the trunks and much of the rock in this photo, but you can see the lovely Hinoki foliage and the tree’s well balanced, dynamic flow.


I guess this is a Zelkova (leaf size) though the color of the bark looks beech. I suppose I could do some research, but I’ll settle for the usual flimsy excuse about being too busy.

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8 thoughts on “Getting It Right This Time

  1. That is a beautiful Japanese Maple- the colors are just absolutely stunning.

  2. The maple looks a lot like Sharp’s Pygmy: leaf shape, color distribution. Not saying it is, just looks like. I think Sharp’s is a wonderful plant… perfect for bonsai, nit the usual Jap. maple wrestling match trying to get more horizontal branching, tighter internodes.

    Whoever “Sharp” is (and I would like to know): thank you.

  3. Wayne
    I’m guessing your Zelkova is a Fuji Beech just starting fall color.

  4. My name is Beti Andres from Bonsai Center Sopelana. This bonsai nursery is in Basque Country ( Bilbao) but photos are made in Alcobendas ( Madrid ).
    Some pictures are taken in the last contest Bonsai Luis Vallejo and others belong to Alcobendas Bonsai Museum which is director Luis Vallejo.
    You can see the photos of the winners in the following link.
    All of you are invited to visit Bonsai Center Sopelana and of course , If you need more pictures you can use mine anytime.

  5. Hi Beti,
    Got it! Thank you for filling us in and good luck with your Bonsai Center. Maybe someday….
    Kind regards,

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