Suthin Again 10/10/13

Suthin’s site calls this an Eastern white cedar which happens to be one of several common names for Thuja occidentalis (Northern white cedar is another, though around here we just call them cedars). To further complicate the issue, it’s not a true cedar, but rather an arborvitae. No matter, it’s a great tree. I particularly like the way Suthin hasn’t tried to manicure the natural looking cedar foliage. Makes for a raw and rugged look that’s in keeping with the rest of the tree.

Everybody loves Suthin. When I was peddling our books and tools and other wares at the 3rd U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition last year, I was almost directly across from Suthin’s display, so I got a good taste of just how magnetic he is, with his winning smile and gentle nature, and how much buzz his bonsai create (they don’t smile but they really look good). It was like bees to honey.


Suthin is best known for his shohin bonsai. So much so in fact, that I knew him for several years before I became aware of just how accomplished he is with large bonsai.


Another Eastern (Northern) white cedar (Thuja occidentalis). Like the one at the top, I like the rugged, not-too-finished look, but I’m not so sure about the ring of light effect.


Nice stand. Nice tree and companion too.




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2 thoughts on “Suthin Again

  1. I saw this tree when Suthin was working it at his nursery, and he was happy to tell me all the carving was done with hand tools, no power tools at all. I think the result speaks for itself.

  2. I had the chance to meet Suthin last year at his “closed to the public” nursery. Fantastic trees, both indoor and outdoor. Seeing his large collection of Shohin was amazing, you’d think there was a big group of miniature bonsai artists on staff, (tiny people) all caring for the trees! Both Suthin and his wife take such great care with them with obviously beautiful results! Both Suthin and his wife are very nice people and they have worked quite hard on all of their trees which shows. It made my year no doubt.

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