2014 Bonsai & Japanese Garden Calendars 10/28/13

A close-up of part of the January page of our brand new 2014 Bonsai Calendar.

They’re here, just off the boat from Japan. As usual, a little later than we would have liked (remind me next year to order them in April rather than July), but still, plenty of time before this year slinks (or bounds, depending upon your disposition) away into that place we call history.

2014 Bonsai Calendars
Enjoy 26 world-class specimen bonsai trees while you keep track of the date. As each month passes. you can cut off the dates and enjoy attractive wall hangings in your office, workshop, man-cave, kitchen, wherever you want.

2014 Japanese Garden Calendars
Enjoy some of the best Japanese gardens in Japan while you check the date.

Order more than one and save
You can order one of each and save, or you can order multiples of each and save. Confused? Don’t worry, just click here.


The cover page of our 2014 Bonsai Calendar.


The cover page of our 2014 Japanese Garden Calendar.


Each month has its own page in our Bonsai Calendar. Including the cover page, there’s a total of 13 pages with 2 bonsai per page.


Our Japanese Garden Calendar has 7 pages including the cover page.

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  1. I love the calender’ s except for information about the trees I would like to see a translation of the information so I can learn more about the trees

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