Sun is shining on my bonsai, but I stay in bed a little longer… 12/7/13

Japanese yew with one thin live vein and lots of great deadwood. From Mauro Stemberger’s Italian Dream website.

Mauro Stemberger is something of force in European and world bonsai. He usually starts with excellent stock and ends with even better bonsai. This is not not the first time we’ve featured Mauro’s bonsai and it won’t be the last.

For more, here’s Mauro’s website and here he is on facebook.


In the artist’s own words… “Sun is shining on my bonsai, but I stay in bad a little longer…”


The Snake. We’ve shown this famous Scot’s pine before, but it’s worth another look. Just in case you missed it, check out the notch in the pot that accommodates the base of the trunk.


Most of Mauro’s trees are conifers, but not this one. It’s a Kihohime Japanese maple that’s showing off a powerful trunk and some great ramification.


Local color.

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4 thoughts on “Sun is shining on my bonsai, but I stay in bed a little longer…

  1. The maple is in Walter Palls collection for more almost 2 years now. The snake disappeared unfortunately.

  2. The “Snake” was stolen ? It is an awesome tree & pot combo………………..

  3. Last i heard was that the scots pine ‘snake’ had a disease and i think it died…
    The pot is under an oak (quercus) these days. Still in Mauro’s garden.

  4. Hi David,
    Lee just said it was stolen (in this very comment thread).
    Either way it’s too bad. Great tree.

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