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7 thoughts on “Fear of Water & Kokufu Too

  1. Great tree!

    As for the debate on Turface, I’m one of those who has never experienced any problems that I could blame on it. It seems to me that we have to keep in mind that what works well for grower A may not work well for grower B — and vice versa — because of differences in climate, personal habits of watering, and a number of other factors. A one-size-fits-all approach is not optimal (any more than in healthcare!)

  2. Wayne,

    I know it’s not your fault but here we go again. Pall says turface yes and Hagedorn says turface no. I highly respect both of them but who’s right. I agree with Steve Moore, stick with what works for you. Geez!

  3. As Ryan Neil said at our last bonsai club meeting, watering is the most important skill to have in bonsai. Regardless of the soil you use, you need to know how to water it!

  4. I have used Turface as a soil component for years with good results. It is 25 percent of what I call my basic mix.
    There is a lengthy article in this months ABS newsletter condemning Turface and I just don’t get it. It doesn’t create dry pockets unless you don’t mix your components to begin with. I still consider it a relatively inexpensive and viable soil component.
    Sometimes I surface treat my better trees with Turface. It’s color sets of the moss nicely and when wet is a nice earthy color with small particle size.

  5. Like many others I have used Turface going on twenty years. I have never experienced “dry pockets” but then again as others have stated if you mix your soil well it should not happen. My only issue with Turface over the past few years is the particle size seems to be getting smaller. As I typically sift all my components and I now loose about 12-15 pounds out of a 50 pound bag. Unfortunately the major users of this product (sports fields) are requesting the smaller granular size, and the bonsai community is such a small percentage of users that our needs are not considered. If the granular size was larger, it would be a hard product to beat for the price.

  6. I guess the comment I sent yesterday didn’t register, so I’m commenting again. The turface dry spots that Michael Hagedorn refers to can occur from top watering. When turface is watered by soaking it becomes one of the wettest soil amendments. I have studied the hydration of many soil amendments, and water soaked turface has a water retention of 2-3 weeks after which it becomes bone dry. And the measured water holding capacity is 99 cc. H2O/ 100 cc. mass volume. Sorbing 100% of its mass is what the manufacturers also claim. So turface should not be dismissed based on its hydration properties, which can depend on how one waters the soil among other factors.

  7. Thanks for all the turface experience and views.
    FYI I’m not necessarily taking sides for or against Turface or other soil ingredients and mixes.
    However, I do have a lot of respect for Michael Hagedorn and pay attention to what he has to say.
    The rest is up to you.

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