Comparisons Are Odious, But Still… 7/20/14

stem2European black pine (Pinus nigra) by Mauro Stemberger. I took the liberty to crop this photo (the uncropped version is below) and to brighten it up a bit (the other photos in this post too). All of the photos here are from The Bonsai Blog of Sandor Papp.

The bonsai shown here all appeared at the 2014 Noelanders Trophy in Belgium. The photos were taken from The Bonsai Blog of Sandor Papp. They represent a small sampling of Sandor’s Noelander’s photos.

Whenever I see photos of the some of the best European bonsai I can’t help but compare them with the best North American bonsai. Even though it is oft said that comparisons are odious (this great old quote is most often attributed to John Lydgate). But then, some comparisons are more odious than others. I’ll leave it to you to decide about this one (to be continued in our next post…). Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!

ferrariI really like this wild old Buxus (boxwood), even though the photo is a little fuzzy. I like the pot too and it seems pretty good with this tree, though I wonder if an oval pot that is a little longer and a bit shallower might be even better? Sandro’s caption says the tree belongs to Mugo Ferrari, but I think the name is Enzo Ferrari.

vallejoAnother great tree. The caption says Juniper procumbens by Luis Vallejo. You might notice the shadow play on the wall. It’s on the others too, just in case you missed it.

iglesiasThis magnificent tree with it’s wild and wonderful deadwood belongs to Andres Alvarez Iglesias. The variety isn’t listed.


You can see all of the shadow play in this upcropped version of the tree at the top of the post.

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2 thoughts on “Comparisons Are Odious, But Still…

  1. I love the way the scroll mirrors the wild and untamed impression of Andres Alvarez Iglesias’ tree.

  2. The tree from Andres Alvarez Iglesias is a taxus, but I don’t know if its bacata or cuspidata.

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