Finally, An Undisputed Winner 11/16/14


Contest or no contest, this powerful European olive by Luis Vallejo is an exceptional tree.

Okay. That whole prove us wrong thing from last week was a bust. Absolutely no dissenting views.  Looking on the bright side, I guess that means we got it right.

Best of all, we finally have an undisputed winner for our  Bonsai Detective contest. Congratulations to Dorothy Schmitz. She wasn’t one of the first entries, but she kept plugging away until she got it right (if you happen to be Dorothy, your $100 gift certificate will be emailed to you on Monday).

Thanks to all of you who entered and especially the handful of you who got six out of seven correct.


A. Gabriel Romero Aguade. Almost everyone got this one.



B. Luis Vallejo. Almost everyone got this one too. Most agreed that it involves an assumption.



C. Antonio Payeras. Almost everyone got this one right.



D. Manuel Medina. This one proved to be the trickiest. Only two of you got it.



E. Stefano Defraia. Another easy one that almost everyone got.



F. Another tricky one. Luis Vallejo, German Gomez and Carlos Huerta were all given as answers. Our winner said Gomez and Huerta and we accepted that answer as correct (trees sometimes change hands).



G. Melba Tucker. Another easy one that people found in several different places.