Out of the Ice Palace and into Redwood Country 2/28/15

Redwoodsmiths Off to a very good start. Though the branching is young and has a ways to go, the trunk, with its power and character bodes well for the future of this tree. You can find it along with other quality bonsai at Bonsai Smiths.

Out of the ice palace and into Redwood country. Bolinas, California. A coastal enclave just north of San Francisco, yet separated by rugged coastal terrain and about forty years. BTW: it’s 60 degrees and sunny right now (not to torment my Northeastern friends, but it just can’t resist being said).

As I mentioned, Redwood country. So why not some Redwood bonsai? All the photos shown here appeared in two early Bark posts (9/19/2011 and 9/28/2011).



This one is a lot like the one above. Great trunk with branch development to follow. From the 2011 Redwood Empire Bonsai Show (photo courtesy of Jonas at Bonsai Tonight).



This one has a complex story to tell. It’s also from the 2011 Redwood Empire Bonsai Show (photo also courtesy of Jonas at Bonsai Tonight). 



Another complex story to tell. Given the vigor at the top, the bottom must be healthier than it looks (another Jonas photo from the 2011 Redwood Empire show).


bolinasBolinas lagoon. Crack of dawn this morning. It pays to have kids with connections.


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3 thoughts on “Out of the Ice Palace and into Redwood Country

  1. Wayne-
    Just a few words. I want to say thank you for your dedication to posting daily the photos I use as inspiration. It’s like a teaching of sorts-everyday AND free! It’s appreciated man. I know you have to be feeling the itch to begin spring as much as I am–it’s getting discouraging at this point. But, spring WILL come no doubt and we can break out of our seasonal prisons. Take Care!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Darren.
    Yes, all us northern folks are more than ready to scratch our itch. Days are are getting longer and temperatures are inching up. Too slowly for sure, but there’s hope.

  3. Would love to see these trees now! I love seeing trees develop through photos.

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