Back on His Feet – Isao Omachi Four Years Later 4/27/15

O5wscroll2015. Not only is Isao Omachi back on his feet, but it seems like he hasn't missed a beat. This magnificent Shimpaku juniper is a pretty good example of what he's been up to since the Tsunami (I don't know who made the scroll, but it's not so shabby either). I cropped the photo for a closer look at the tree and scroll. You can see the whole display below.

It has been four years since the devastating Japanese Tsunami. Those of you who were following Bark, Bill Valavanis, Marco Invernizzi or others in our world bonsai community, remember Isao Omachi’s ordeal.

Here something from a Bark post one year after the Tsunami: “Remember Isao Omachi? Isao’s house and bonsai nursery were swept away in the tsunami. That’s the tough news. The good news is that hundreds, maybe thousands of people in our international bonsai community donated to help Isao and his family get back on their feet. As a result of this effort (and Isao’s and his family’s determination) Isao is back doing what he loves.”

All of the photos in this post are recent (from Isao’s facebook feed). Isao started from scratch after losing everything. It’s clear to see that he’s been busy and that he hasn’t lost his magic touch.

Here’s a link to all of our Isao Omachi posts. Before and after the Tsunami.



The whole display (tokonoma).


O6 A cascading bonsai and some cascading water. Not a bad match.



This rugged, natural looking Japanese white pine is getting ready to be repotted.


Humpback cascade. I like the loopy little deadwood sticking out on top.



A powerful Shimpaku. I count eight or nine little pieces of deadwood all pointing down. Even the little hook on the left.



A happy Isao Omachi breaking down at the year's Kokufu exhibition. Photo by Bill Valavanis.