More Dramatic Bonsai then Back to the Real World 4/27/16

tai7 It's the pot stupid (just kidding and no offense intended)! Actually, it's the pot and the tree. A perfect match. The artist is Yang, Kuo-Yin. The tree is a Malpighia glabra.

Up against it today, so we’ll show you three more trees from the 2007 Taiwan Bonsai Creators 10th Exhibition booklet (this time with black backgrounds) and tell you about our FREE Green Dream bonsai fertilizer giveaway (see below), and then back to the real world.



Three things jumped out with this one: the pot, the trunk and last but not least, the highly refined ramification (branching all the way out to the profusion of fine twigs). A labor of love, time and skill. The artist/laborer is Huang, Chen-Hui. The tree is a Celtis senensis.


And so it goes... another great tree and another exceptional pot. Wu, Tung-Tai is the artist. The tree is a Hibiscus tillaceus.


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