When Was the Last Time You Saw a Trunk with so much Power and Character? 11/23/16


This has to be one of the most compelling bonsai I've seen in a while. It has that wild, not overly refined look and 'just so' deadwood (it's not dominated by deadwood like so many trees). But the real deal is the trunk. When was the last time you saw a trunk with so much power and character?

Hopelessly behind schedule with Thanksgiving and other family and friend obligations looming, not to mention my other job (Stone Lantern) and its daily demands… So to save precious time, we’re going to rerun a post on one of my all time favorite trees.

This before and after is more about refinement than styling rough stock. Less daunting perhaps, but only someone skilled in the art of bonsai can do what you see here. In this case, that someone is Gabriel Romero Aguade (Bonsai Sant-boi) (this isn’t the first time we’ve featured him on Bark).

Continued below…

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beforeBefore. Already a very impressive bonsai. Just needs an expert hand to bring out its best.

Though no name is mentioned, the tree looks like a Yew. You can tell by the foliage and the reddish bark. Yew bonsai are popping up everywhere. Especially in Europe with the English (aka European) yew (Taxus baccata), where there seems to be an abundance of good stock.

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