The Finishing Touches that Make a Tree Stand Out 1/13/17


Is this a Yew (Taxus)? Thanks to Walter Pall we now know that this is a plastic sculpture (a very good one at that). "This tree was exhibited at Noelanders Tropyh 2012 ouside the bonsai exhibit. It is a PLASTIC tree wanting to show the ideal bonsai. There is a tree looking similar which is owned by Enrico Savini in Italy as far as I remember. it is still in the making. Enrico's tree is alive and for real." I don't know much about this tree; its variety, its owner, where it resides.... What I do know is, some highly skilled bonsai artist did an excellent job. Including all the finishing touches* that make a tree really stand out. And that it look suspiciously like a yew.

Still on vacation, so we’ll show you just this one tree (one amazing tree) and remind you about our book sale (and that our two bonsai wire sales are about to end).

BTW: I found the tree above here and there’s more about those aforementioned finishing touches below*

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* The perfectly chosen pot cleaned to look like new, the stand that simply supports the tree instead of calling attention to itself, the way the deadwood is clean and freshly lime sulfured, the way the living veins are cleaned and brushed to stand out against the deadwood, the manicured moss. And then there’s the professional quality photo…