No Problem that 20 Hours of Expert Work Can’t Solve 1/26/17


After. If you look at the before photo below, two big differences jump out. First is the trunk, where hours were spent meticulously applying lime sulfur on the deadwood and cleaning up the living vein. And then there's the total restyling of the crown. The resulting form is classic Japanese style and the mastery is impressive. Naoki Maeoka wrote that he he spent 20 hours reviving this tree.

Yesterday’s post was about reviving a neglected bonsai and so is today’s. The artist in both cases is Naoki Maeoka, and both trees are junipers, but this time it’s a Shimpaku. Yesterday’s was a Needle juniper.

Continued below…

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Before. No problem here that 20 hours of expert work can't solve.

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