Powerful Shari, Brilliant Pot & Upside Down Maple 3/7/17

taxusThis old Taxus Baccata (English yew) is dominated by its powerful shari (trunk deadwood) The artist is Stefano Frisoni of Italy.

On the road again today, so we’ll take the easy way out. The photos shown here are from a post we did in December, 2015.

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pot8Nice tree. Brilliant pot!  Eleven years from stump by Mario Komsta (a regular here on Bark). It's a Silverberry (Elaeagnus).


This Shimpaku planting on a slab by Mariusz Folda was exhibited at Noelanders Trophy in 2013. Though it's hard to tell for sure, my guess is that this is two separate trees, rather than a twin-trunked bonsai. In any case, I like the way the trunks complement each other with their similar deadwood and live veins. I also like the way the crowns have been opened up just a bit (rather than the perfectly full and smooth look you sometimes see on Shimpaku), though I wouldn't mind seeing them opened up a bit more so you could see a little more of the branching.


I haven't seen that many real Myrtle bonsai and of the ones I have seen, this one that belongs to Mauro Stemberger is by far the most impressive. Though the flowers aren't necessary to appreciate the tree, they add a nice touch.


Upside down bonsai. This Japanese maple and Mondo grass planting turned up in Bonsai Empire's facebook photos with this caption: Very original display of a Japanese Maple by Bill Valavanis! Pot and ceramic root stand by Dale Cochoy.