One Tree, Seven Pots – Which One Would You Choose? 3/9/17

potsSeven pots for one Chinese cork bark elm (the seventh pot is below - it didn't fit that well in the photo). Which one would you choose? 

Most of this post was borrowed from our archives (January, 2014). At that time the choices you see were presented as a contest. Now we’ll dispense with the contest and just show the photos and let you choose if you please. If you would like to post your comments, visit Bonsai Bark on facebook.

All the photos shown here belong to Boon Manakitivipart (aka Bonsai Boon), our source for almost all of our Which Pot? posts.

Continued below….

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The original photo with the 7th pot


Pot 1

Pot 2

Pot 3


Pot 4

Our Spring Bonsai Soil Order Just Arrived
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SASQAkadama Japanese Bonsai Soil (pictured)
Kamuna Japanese Azalea Soil
more soils will be put up soon

Pot 5

Pot 6

Pot 7

Our thanks to Boon Manakitivipart who went to the trouble to create, photograph and put these pot-tree combination up on facebook.

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