Dan & Roy – Picasso & a Bonsai Grafting Master 3/12/17


Roy Nagatoshi grafted the Shimpaku foliage onto this masterpiece 700 year old yamadori California juniper that Dan Robinson collected and continues to grow and develop (provided Dan still owns it). You can find a lot more about this and dozens of other ancient masterpieces in Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees, Will Hiltz wonderful book about Dan (the Picasso of bonsai) and his on going love affair with bonsai and nature.

This post started out to be about the bonsai and grafting skills of Roy Nagatoshi (here’s a good example of Roy’s work from a 2014 Bark post). But somewhere along the way I rediscovered the truly remarkable photo above and couldn’t resist leading with it. Though the tree belongs to Dan Robinson, Roy and his expert hand and eye played their part.

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Roy Nagatoshi's California juniper at the Nam Pu Kai Bonsai Club show. Photo by Keith Martin.



A massive old Pomegranate from Roy Nagatoshi's nursery. This photo and one immediately below were borrowed from Capital Bonsai.



Close up of the same tree. Those are human fingers lower left.

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Roy enjoying himself. This photo is also by Keith Martin. Here's his caption: "Sensei Roy Nagatoshi styles my shimpaku juniper"



Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees will excite the bonsai passions of even the most jaded enthusiast

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