A Genuine Bonsai Pioneer, Roshi Tools, Bonsai Wire, Bonsai Soil & Flashing Back to the Artisans Cup 3/20/17


Close up of Dan Robinson's Mountain hemlock, taken on my cell at the Artisans Cup.

In SF now in the midst of another short family vacay, so to save precious time we’ll dig back to October 2015 at the Artisan’s Cup.

We featured Dan Robinson’s bonsai and digs a couple posts ago, so continuing in the same vein…

Continued below…

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The whole tree and most of its amazing driftwood stand. Also shot at the Artisans Cup, but this time when the lights were on (the exhibition room was almost completely dark, with only spotlights on each tree). This photo and several of the photos below are from facebook.

The following text is from October, 2015… Last weekend I finally had the pleasure of meeting Dan and Diane Robinson. It was at the Artisans Cup so I also had the pleasure of viewing and photographing Dan’s entry, the Mountain hemlock shown here (above and below).

We’ve been featuring Dan Robinson’s bonsai and we’ve been selling and enjoying Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees for a long time (the second printing of Will Hiltz’ brilliant book about Dan and his trees just came out). Now that I’ve met Dan and actually seen one of his trees in person, it’s time to do it again.


Looks like another Mountain hemlock.


B1GNARLYHORN1Korean hornbeam from Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees. We could have picked any one of over a hundred trees as wild and beautiful as this one (the rich fall color doesn't hurt either).

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One of Dan’s many ancient Ponderosa pines. This photo was taken at Elandan Gardens by Jonas Dupuich (Bonsai Tonight).



Freshly carved redwood.



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Photo and text from Elandan Garden's website.


dantree"Can't keep Dan out of the trees. He is carving on a Hollywood juniper he is using in the NWFlower and Garden show in Feb 2016. The theme is America the Beautiful." From facebook.



Another Mountain hemlock. From Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees.



The famous book. A must for any serious bonsai lover. The second printing is now available at Stone Lantern.

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