Two Tricks with Bonsai Wire & 3 Day Wire Special 4/15/17


Japanese white pine from our 2017 Bonsai Calendar (sorry, sold out). This tree has no doubt been repeatedly wired over years of development.

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Too long and too straight. We all know you can add curves to a branch that is too straight, but did you know that you can also use wire to shorten a branch that is too long?



Much better. Now it's shorter and more interesting.

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halfCrack! Branches sometimes crack. In fact, experienced bonsai artists sometimes intentionally crack a branch in order to bend it more than it normally would. Either way, you need to stabilized it while it heals (see below). You also need to apply sealing paste (cut paste).


half2Keep it still. You can use a guy wire to prevent any more downward movement while the branch heals. All four drawings in this post are from Bonsai Today issue 21.

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