Bonsai by Tickle 4/21/17


As you can see by the copyright, this muscular Myrtle belongs to Tony Tickle. So do the rest of the trees in this post (provided Tony hasn't sold them)

It’s been a while since we visited Tony Tickle, a man with a distinctive name and some very distinctive bonsai. All the photos shown here are from Tony’s Bonsai & Yamadori blog. If you want more, here’s your link to some earlier Bark posts that feature Tony’s bonsai


The Growing Season Has Begun
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I've got a soft spot for Larches and this one doesn't do anything to diminish that feeling. I'm going to guess it's a European larch (Larix decidua) because Tony lives in the U.K. (even with Brexit, England is still part of Europe). Our Larches here in northern Vermont are American larches, aka Tamaracks (Larix laricina).



Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) in bloom



Teahouse Kusamono. Is that smoke?

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The white cliffs of Dover. Tony doesn't identify the trees, but they look a lot like Shimpaku



Cascading Mugo pine


Tony's caption with this tree says simply, First Yew with Dan

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