The Difference High Quality Professional Photos Can Make – Especially with Such High Quality Bonsai 5/17/17



This and the other trees in this post are from Luis Vallejo's Bonsai Collection. The caption for these (and some others not shown here) is "Some of the Bonsai trees that will be displayed at the Bonsai San Show. Saulieu . October 2017 - Luis Vallejo Bonsai Collection - Photos By Miguel Krause"

Luis Vallejo didn’t list the varieties when he posted these remarkable photos, and because I’m still licking my wounds from the fiasco of Sunday’s post, I’m going to dispense with any guessing today. But don’t worry (not that you were), I’ll recover soon enough and resume guessing until the next humiliating episode…
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We’re including a closeup of each tree along with the original photo. We can do this without distortion because the high quality professional photos by Miguel Krause make it possible. If only everyone could afford professional photographers for their bonsai, it would make our job a lot easier




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