Grotesque? Or Alive & Absolutely Awesome? 5/20/17


Here's part of what Juan Andrade wrote about this highly unusual Trident maple... "4 generations in the making, 120+ years old... this tree was started by my Oyakata's great grandfather.... Nowadays its very hard to find 'Miyasama' Trident maple of this caliper in Japan.... This Miyasama encompasses a lot about Aichien deciduous style: power, ramification, age and uniqueness." See below for your link to Juan's untruncated quote. 

I suppose I need to get over my ideas about what is and isn’t grotesque. At lease when it comes to nebari. After all, highly respected bonsai artists – mostly Japanese – seem to favor what some might call over-developed nebari. How these nebari actually look seems to take a back seat to how big, how old and how unusual they are. Or to quote Juan, how much power, ramification, age and uniqueness they express (here’s your link Juan’s quote).

Continued below…

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I'm loath to admit that my first thought in seeing this was tumor. True, after a while and after reading what Juan had to say, I've softened a bit...

Back to what is and isn’t grotesque, and thanks to Juan’s eloquence, maybe I can come around to realizing that this very strange nebari is truly awesome in its own right. Some things are more important than ideas of perfection and superficial beauty.

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