Blooming Bonsai Beauties & a Quick Tip on Ramification 6/11/17


I found this luscious beauty on Micheal Hagedorn's Crateagus Bonsai. It's a Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis).* Here's Michael's caption... "This tree has been a prolific bloomer for the past five years. When the blooms are done, leaves form at the base of the bloom spike, so we cut them back to those leaves, leaving a short spike. That becomes our ramification in a wisteria bonsai."

Just back from vacation and swamped, so we’ll make this one short and sweet. Thanks once again to our friend and teacher, Michael Hagedorn, a source of brilliant bonsai insights (and brilliant bonsai!)


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We've seen this unusual little friend before, but it's worth another shot. Here's Michael's caption... "Iris cristataWhen they get really senile they don’t bloom so often, so this one is still a teenager. Was potted only a couple years back. To restart the bloom cycle, repot your iris. There’s a Maidenhair fern that blew in there unexpectedly, like a hitchhiker, tucked in on the left… I like it so I left it. Foliage with very different sizes/feelings are good in an accent." I'm not sure if I should take Micheal's senile comment personally.