Florida Cracker – Before & After 6/16/17


This Buttonwood is just a tad more eccentric than your average bonsai. Juan Andrade posted this and some other photos of this tree a while back.  Here's his caption "Florida Cracker", ain't it? Sourced @ Olicata Bonsai Studio last year. Thank you Hiram!"*

Today I set out to find a something that Juan Andrade wrote about four types of bonsai nurseries. Sadly, I failed in my quest (not defeated, just postponed), but I did find the photos shown here on Juan’s timeline and couldn’t resist. And if you’d like to get back to this tree’s source, you can visit Olicata Bonsai Studio

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Before. For a moment I thought this isn't the same tree. But it is and with just a little imagination, the puzzle is easily solved



After pruning and defoliating, and before transplanting



Juan Andrade at this year's World Bonsai Convention with his demo tree. You might notice that it's sitting on a Green T Professional Hydraulic Turntable (just like all the demo trees at the WBC)

*If the term Florida Cracker intrigues you and you want to know more, Juan offer a little something on his timeline that might help

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