A Well Fed Japanese Red Pine & a Reminder to Feed Your Bonsai Generously 6/18/17


This distinctive Japanese red pine with its strong shari and sudden change of direction, shows the radiant vibrancy of a well-fed bonsai. It belongs Ken Fujiwara

Summer growing season is time to generously feed your bonsai…
Without adequate fertilizing, you won’t see the development you want; vibrant rich foliage, fine branching, thickening trunks and primary branches, powerful nebari and most critical of all, strong root growth. And of course, well-fed strong bonsai can better resists pests and diseases and withstand the challenges of the coming winter


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ORMIX3-2Most people don’t feed their bonsai nearly enough
Summer growing season is time to fertilize generously



Same tree, this time in loco in front of Ken Fujiwara's house

The photos featured here are from a post we did back in May, 2015. We’ve dispensed with the original text because it’s not so relevant to our mission here… to encourage you to generoulsy feed your bonsai and to revisit Japanese red pines (see this post from last week)

otherredpineA somewhat similar Red pine. It belongs to Fujiyoshi Kandaka. The photo is from Bonsai World


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